What’s In My Belly?

proscuitto, onion, olive and mozzarella...

Once again it is late and I can’t sleep…I am living on 4 hours of sleep a night and at some point, I have to believe this will catch up with me. However, until that day, i am going to devour my waking hours…maybe literally.

Wonderful bites of fresh crema and pastries

Today is my second day in Bra and my third day in Italy. I have settled into my new home with ease, although it is strange starting over again. Where are all light bulbs and the plastic wrap and who doesn’t have 1 mirror in their entire house? (my classmate put on her mascara with her ichat camera this morning!) I am back to taping maps and postcards and inspiration to the wall above my desk in anticipation for late nights of studying. I have stocked the kitchen with olive oil, cured meats, cheeses, pasta and fresh produce from the market. Life is good…now if only i could get this sleeping thing down.

fresh veal with shaved Parmesan and greens

So, what have I been eating for the past 72 hours? yeah, i knew you wanted to know…and of course I want to share.

First off, I was delivered to Bra by my wonderful friends Fede and Alice and their dear friend Ricardo (he is very tall). We piled into “the big blue car” (by Italian standards) with all of my luggage, my classmate and friend Jess, and her stuff…we should have taken a photo of that!

sausage ravioli with tomato and basil

After dropping off Jess at her flat and dumping my bags, we headed into Pollenzo for lunch. We were starving! When Fede stopped at this massive target-looking store, I was highly skeptical but they reassured me there was a great place to eat inside called Eataly (cute huh?!) The food was fresh and all locally produced as was the beer!

local Belgian style ale


After lunch, my room-mate, Lee-Ann, and I headed into our new town to explore and get some staples for the flat. Fresh Fava Beans! Fresh Ricotta! Baby Artichokes! I had to slow down…I have a year, after all.

Lee-Ann cooked us a meal that night that was so simple, I must share. Fresh ricotta, milk, Parmesan, salt and pepper. Mix with pasta…serious…that is it… Try it, you will swoon too. We washed that down with a delicious $5 bottle of local Nebiolo.

dairy goodness

Today we were up early and headed out to get massive amounts of paperwork completed at various agencies all over the city… I deserve to eat as much pasta as I want!

fresh fish! think of all the goodness

We were invited to Shona, Jess and Jacqueline’s for lunch….two are chefs, one trained at Chez Panisse and the third is a sommelier…needless to say, it was simple, perfect and delicious.

lunch with Jess, Shona and Jacqeuline

Tonight, I got to cook! I made  pasta with pesto, steamed artichokes and more wine, always more wine.

spring artichokes for dinner

I think I will like it here just fine!


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