Street of Remembering

Every day I walk down my street, cross the train tracks and catch the bus to school. Sometimes my street seems to go on forever and many times I am running late. Viale Rimembranze is a long, busy residential avenue lined with massive trees. In the last week or so, the trees have begun to blossom. I noticed the leaves forming a couple of weeks ago and got a little giddy…My street is lined with massive and old Linden trees. Today the blossoms began opening in the humid warm morning and the air was full of the most intoxicating scent. Every day I walk down this street and today it dawned on me that I get to smell this scent every day for this one season…Never will I be living in this little apartment as summer takes form again. I  have missed my home, missed the people i love so dearly but this is truly the first sense of how short my time here really is!

Viale Rimembranze….never thought about the name really. I joke that I could never forget where I lived because it was in the name, right? While I slowed down to smell the Linden blossoms, it dawned on me…each tree was bordered by 2 cement pillars. Each pillar has the name and date of someone who passed away long ago. At the beginning of my street are two large pillars marking the entrance. At the end of my street is a massive cemetery. Linden trees can live for thousands of years and are known throughout history and folklore as powerful symbols of virtue and truth.Someone has thoughtfully planned this street at the turn of the century to commemorate those who had passed away in the first war.

I am going to take my morning walks more slowly and breath more deeply. I live on a rather remarkable street, I think.


3 thoughts on “Street of Remembering

  1. This is beautiful Sarah! I’ll think of it whenever I see the leaves budding on the trees outside the den : ) Thank you for sharing your super-excellent adventures with us!

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