We All Deserve to Live With a Soundtrack

Have you ever been to a place that is so beautiful it breaks your heart? There have been a few places in my life that makes me introspective and a little melancholy because it is too much good. I have felt this way in small quiet places around the world. In my hometown of Olympia, in the back country of Montana, on the west coast of Ireland and now in the mountains of Abruzzo. Listening to a lot of My Morning Jacket, Black Keys, Spoon, and Wilco this time around, watching the windy little mountain roads where the scenery goes from lush green to stark stone, I feel home.   As I am writing this, I realize 3 things…I am exhausted. If you are still with me, you might be as well. And lastly, I am really damn fortunate. Don’t for a minute think that I forget these moments are to be savored.The producers, farmers and fishermen I am meeting here, make all of this real. It sounds like a fantasy world but we are really just being allowed to catch of glimpse of their daily lives and I am honored to share in it for even a few moments.

And if i ever feel overwhelmed by it all my friends will delight me with the chicken dance.


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