Wring It In ~ 2012 ~

2012 – you took me for one hell of a ride. Each year I collect my sound track and all of the good things I am most grateful. This year is no different. I am still most grateful for the relationships that taught me about myself,  the massive amounts of love I receive from near and far,  and that I am still capable of change.

I have never been one to make a resolution.  2012 was about transition, adaption and movement. 2013 will be about decision and progression. Right now I am in one of the most ambiguous points of my life. I have enormous decisions to make about rather significant subjects, specifically me. Where, when, what…the big ones. However I am going to remain relatively calm – I am going to study grace. I am going to believe that my nose is pointed in the general direction of my fate.

So this being said, I have decided to compile my year of contemplation with 12 songs, 12 words and 12(ish) photos. Not as easy as one might imagine…

Many old, some new. Some reared their heads through heart-break…All have had an impact on my day to day, and in no particular order…




Empire of the Sun

Flaming Lips

The Band RIP Levon

The Black Keys

The XX

Bright Eyes


The Morning Benders

The Beastie Boys RIP MCA

~ Finding 12 words that encapsulate my year…

Transition, Contemplation, Wisdom, Sun-warmed, Succulent, Blessed, Boozy, Heart-ache, Adventure, Strong, Side-splitting, Challenging, Cauliflower.

~ Narrowing down 5722 photos…

IMG_1770IMG_1916IMG_2025IMG_2157grouptorinoP1060437P1060782IMG_4232IMG_4372IMG_0224IMG_0333IMG_1201IMG_1502IMG_1903IMG_2195IMG_2649IMG_2953IMG_3445IMG_4020IMG_4482Yeah..I was never very good at math…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  2013! Kick my ass in all the best ways! I am ready.


2 thoughts on “Wring It In ~ 2012 ~

  1. Who cares about math? Life’s more than math–it’s about being creative and taking changes and enduring challenges. Seems to me you’ve certainly got your nose pointed in the proper direction, Sarah!

  2. ho hey! great year, keep it up! my goal is for you to stay there long enough for me to get to come visit, that being the case, looks like you’re there for a bit
    …hope is my word for 2013.

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