Buy a ticket!

IMG_5163Between moments of terror at the idea of have a mere 10 days to complete my thesis,  making cheese, cutting up pigs, learning knife making, absorbing every single moment of Irish life, I have been cooking…really wonderfully cooking, like i haven’t cooked since I was back in Portland. It feels extraordinary. I have been developing new biscuit options for Gubbeen and finding success. People who know how to cook like my cooking! I seem to be having a mad affair with Irish butter and..this seems to be a good relationship.

Being surrounded by all of this great food, inspires me to bake, roast, fry and harvest. I have made pork roasts, gumbo, wild green salads with cashel blue dressing and valentine’s day cupcakes for the ladies in the dairy. I walk down to the dairy with my pitcher to collect fresh raw milk and over to the hen house to get a couple of eggs, a duck egg, if i am extra lucky! This never gets old to me…in the blowing sideways rain and in the dark where i inevitably trip over something in the barn.  I dont have my beautiful kitchen aid or my copper pots and confection oven. My pantry of always-ready supplies has been narrowed down to “what can i borrow, beg and steal”, or buy down at the Spar. My oven doesnt work so i pack up my supplies and head to my neighbor’s flat where her gas range has six options… 0-6…? What i realize is that nothing inspires me more than finding solutions to what could be frustrating dilemmas and succeeding. My favorite moment thus far was discovering how to cook down beets to tint my frosting. it worked beautifully!

IMG_5349So again, i am at this crossroads of figuring out what i want to be when I grow up. My mentor here believes i should open a cafe/shop, live above it ala Alice Waters and create. I always dreamed of a little cafe where the locals have their own coffee cup and a hook to reserve its place.  Every day since I was a little girl I make a wish when i see the clock hit a double…being a romantic, I inevitably wish for a certain someone to adore me. To my surprise, last night at 19:19 i squeezed my eyes tight and wished for a job that I will be passionate about…i did that again at 12:12 today and at 08:08 two days ago…perhaps this is my clock-watching fairy kicking my ass and telling me to stop looking at the clock. Reminds me of the joke where the guy prays to win the lottery until god smacks him upside the head and says GO BUY A TICKET!IMG_5134

Perhaps i am closer to my ticket…


One thought on “Buy a ticket!

  1. I’ve gotta say that I didn’t think it would ever be possible to love you even more than before, but it just happened! I love you more, Sarah Mooney! Love mixed with awe and admiration, touched with a bit of envy, if I’m to be honest.

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