Summer Charms of the Elderflower

IMG_0448Yesterday marked the the tenth anniversary of my mom’s death. I always feel it looming but i had forgotten the date until I was sitting outside with a wonderful book and my morning tea. A friend had given me “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed while i was in Italy but i just wasn’t ready for it yet. I knew it was going to be a tough read about loss and strength and personal growth. I was doing enough of that on my own, on the other side of the planet. But i packed the large hardback in my precious small space and carried it home. This week i cracked the spine and haven’t been able to do anything else. Listening to that inner voice sure can be powerful. I was so ready to read this book! So sitting in my backyard, feeling somewhat at a loss, I remembered that it was June 17th. And without a second thought, burst into tears. It actually felt good and clean.IMG_0444 I’ve been home officially three months now. I have an intense but good job and am so happy to be back in my house. I have an awesome housemate, 2 cats, a dog, 5 hens and lots of little things popping up in the garden, many of which are also weeds. So barely noticable bit by bit, I am feeling settled. I am trying really hard this summer to pay more attentions to details and moments and less about planning the next moment. I want to relish being home this summer and the weather has been truly perfectly wonderful!IMG_0252IMG_0451IMG_0330My recent projects have included many hours clocked into the farmers markets, with my local Slow Food office and at home nesting and rebuilding. So far i have planted the essentials and enough tomatoes to make paste for the winter months but my biggest score was my elderflower tree. After traveling to Ireland a few years ago, i could not get enough elderflower and I wanted it all the time in everything i ate. Coming home I researched and planted 2 trees. This spring i was graced with the most beautiful flowers. Every morning I walked outside to inspect their progression. I knew they needed to be picked at just the right moment for the best sweetest flavor. Elderflower syrup all summer long.IMG_0370

So here it is my jar of golden goodness. And HERE is a great step by step if you want to do it as well. I left enough blossoms on the tree to make elderberry cordial in the fall. IMG_0398


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