woolie goodness

yellowOn my last day off i headed up to Adna Washington to spend a few hours at Black Sheep Creamery. Meg and Brad are two if my favorite people and they make the most wonderful sheep cheese!!IMG_0679

IMG_0680This visit up, i was going to work with Meg in her Dye Garden..yep..you heard me. She has a garden full of plants she uses to dye her wool! It is a constant evolution of experimentation. This day we plucked her black hollyhock blossoms to make what we hoped would be a deep purple or teal blue. We also experimented with Dyers Chamomile, which is different from the type we drink in teas. These blossoms are the deepest gold yellow. They still smell wonderful, especially when steeping in warm wool.

IMG_0697 IMG_0698As we poured over beautifully illustrated books to identify which plants we had access to, i savored the sunshine, fat lambs in the adjoining pasture and Meg’s gentle enthusiasm. I felt very fortunate. IMG_0684 IMG_0700In the end, we had to dry the hollyhocks for another time (always good to read the recipe. Especially when it demands a 24 hour soak to loosen the dyes) and dyed with Chamomile and Blue Hopi Sunflowers. I love the yellow! IMG_0691 IMG_0689I  also went home with an abundance of good cheese!IMG_0702


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