This season is a juxtaposition for me. The days are growing short, the evenings long and cold and many times I feel the calling to slow down. In the midst of this is the wildness of holidays. Friends, warmth, rich foods and festive gatherings pop up around each corner. The ability to enjoy the moments before me while planning the details so as not to forget anything is a familiar walk on the tightrope. I thrive in this time.

I recently moved to Eastern Washington to help a dear friend with his cafe. While learning the complicated timing of a perfectly frothed cappuccino, i was forced to slow down. I had the blessings of living in a tiny town where I had a great deal of time on my own. Alone time can mean fostering creativity or battling demons. I did a little of both.

November for many people is a time of counting blessings. I decided to write up one thing i am thankful for each day until I returned home to Portland.

I look now at my list and am in wonder of my own strength and delight in the details. November has been a very good time.

1- grateful that i was taught to speak my mind fearlessly, even when i know it might hurt
2-a borrowed bicycle and a beautiful ride to the lakeIMG_1788
3-wonderful co-workers who make me laugh
4-my dear dear friend Nina, on her birthday
5-snow, hot chocolate and bad hallmark xmas movies on my day off, pay day, tips and the local library having the book i want to read!IMG_1833
6- wonderful 60 minute massage for $50 and a block from my house!
7- my mother’s ring was found!IMG_1846
8- waking up with a smile on my face
9- knitting projects building up
10- paperwhites!paperwhites
11- clarity
12-soft red woolwool
13-sleep in a warm bed, on a cold night
14-unexpected joy of a great live bandIMG_1727
15-the smell of snow in the air
16-warm oatmeal, a good movie and snow falling
17-watching things grow, even in the darkest coldest monthsIMG_1849
18-waking up early enough to see spectacular sunrisesIMG_1850
19-cold days with sunshine
20- time
21-seeing progress
22- road trips to different countriesIMG_1910
23- too many options
24- sunrises over the mountains and water
25-a stunningly beautiful detour homeIMG_1899
26-anticipation of good things to come
27-coming homeIMG_1925
28-warm furry critters curled upIMG_2082
29-wonderful family, friends and a sated bellyIMG_2003
30- my beautiful friend Nicole on her birthday, of whom i am always grateful.

more thing to be grateful.