IMG_0544This summer i started a new job. For minimal pay, I am happily working at several farmers markets selling a local product that i truly believe is worth its price. That being said, I am exhausted!!  i am working 10 hour days in a position that is always “on”with rarely a moment to stop and regroup. i am not used to this schedule and I am not adapting quickly. I get home from work and can barely think about doing anything besides crawling into bed to begin again the next day. Of course being stubborn, I still attend a smattering of concerts, events and friend’s gatherings into the wee hours..I pay for this the following day ten fold. i have also missed weddings, funerals, celebrations and camp-outs. I am feeling old and that these summer days are flying past me to quickly.

That all being said, last week, i had a few days off! i hadn’t had any weekends off since I started my new job but i needed this time to see family and friends. It was also 4th of July and I was ready to have some FUN!

IMG_0572IMG_0581My wonderful friend Douglas just happened to be here for a visit and we went on the best little hike in the Columbia Gorge. We dropped under a bridge, summitted a massive log jam, the size of my house, and waded up a creek bed for about 1/2 mile to a 100 foot waterfall. The day was hot, the water was cold and the scenery was spectacular! I have seen some wonderful things over the years but the Northwest still rates at #1 for me! I felt so fortunate to be here and really felt as if summer began that day. I didnt feel so old anymore.

IMG_0612Following this visit, I spent my fourth of July on a boat (first time in Portland) grilling burgers, napping in the sun and watching the fireworks..I love the 4th! I love blowing things up..Yes, i am American and it was fun to be back in the states for a little insanity.

IMG_0624The next day, i rolled out of bed completely rejuvenated, and had a great visit with my god-parents. My god-mother, Peggy made me the most beautiful quilt. I am still rather speechless and know it will brighten my room on those cold grey winter days. Later that evening, i headed north into Washington to meet my new niece/god-daughter Josephine Sarah. i fell hopelessly in love. For the next 24 hours, i was surrounded by my family and catching up with details and life.

IMG_0629I only had three days off but i feel grounded in a way i had been struggling to relocate for months. Nothing like a lot of love to refocus the mind.

Back to WORK!