2013 Wrapped Up

Last year I decided to find a few things that represented my life over the past 12 months. Needless to say, 2012 was wonderful and mildly insane. 2013 found me on new adventures, much more insular but still brilliant. At last I am settling back into myself again. For now.

Here are my words, photos and songs that remind me of my year, ala Clint Eastwood.

12 Words

Unprepared, excited, anxious, frustrated, hopeful, dreamy, adventure, broke, tired, full, blessed, furry.

!2 Songs

LCD Soundsystem

Angus and Julia Stone

Live Oak Review

Dr Dog

John Prine

Todd Snider

Lou Reed RIP


Arcade Fire and Bowie

Yo La Tengo

Flaming Lips

Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer

So many more moments could be added but i had to edit somewhere! It was a very blessed year.


New Year in Norway with my beautiful family


Butchering Pigs in Ireland


Late winter hike in Cork


Visiting Milleen

Photo on 2013-01-26 at 22.14 #3

Beautiful Cheese Muscles!


Working the Farmer’s Market in Skibereen


Having a nip with the locals at a pub with Phe and Douglas




New Orleans in May..Alligator bra?


New Orleans at its finest


Elderflower Syrup. SPRING!


My new housemates arrive. I’m in love


I become an auntie and a godmother to my beautiful Josephine


The wonder and awe of the Flaming Lips with a dear friend.


Turning 40 in Spokane, Washington with great friends!


Beautiful dinner at Nedd Ludd with healthy pours of Bourbon.


Lucas Elliott Jeray arrives in all his perfection!


Getting to know my snow peas, Bianca and Rowey


Returning to my roots never felt better. Tokeland, Washington.


keeping me sane


two new additions to my family. Fingal and Clemens


Moving to Cheney, Washington for a spell!


Being family in B.C.




Snow day equals LOTR’s day!


Summer Charms of the Elderflower

IMG_0448Yesterday marked the the tenth anniversary of my mom’s death. I always feel it looming but i had forgotten the date until I was sitting outside with a wonderful book and my morning tea. A friend had given me “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed while i was in Italy but i just wasn’t ready for it yet. I knew it was going to be a tough read about loss and strength and personal growth. I was doing enough of that on my own, on the other side of the planet. But i packed the large hardback in my precious small space and carried it home. This week i cracked the spine and haven’t been able to do anything else. Listening to that inner voice sure can be powerful. I was so ready to read this book! So sitting in my backyard, feeling somewhat at a loss, I remembered that it was June 17th. And without a second thought, burst into tears. It actually felt good and clean.IMG_0444 I’ve been home officially three months now. I have an intense but good job and am so happy to be back in my house. I have an awesome housemate, 2 cats, a dog, 5 hens and lots of little things popping up in the garden, many of which are also weeds. So barely noticable bit by bit, I am feeling settled. I am trying really hard this summer to pay more attentions to details and moments and less about planning the next moment. I want to relish being home this summer and the weather has been truly perfectly wonderful!IMG_0252IMG_0451IMG_0330My recent projects have included many hours clocked into the farmers markets, with my local Slow Food office and at home nesting and rebuilding. So far i have planted the essentials and enough tomatoes to make paste for the winter months but my biggest score was my elderflower tree. After traveling to Ireland a few years ago, i could not get enough elderflower and I wanted it all the time in everything i ate. Coming home I researched and planted 2 trees. This spring i was graced with the most beautiful flowers. Every morning I walked outside to inspect their progression. I knew they needed to be picked at just the right moment for the best sweetest flavor. Elderflower syrup all summer long.IMG_0370

So here it is my jar of golden goodness. And HERE is a great step by step if you want to do it as well. I left enough blossoms on the tree to make elderberry cordial in the fall. IMG_0398